These pictures are a year and a half apart. Fallon has grown so much! From the little baby I carried in my belly for 9 months to the 11 month old that I carry in my arms. I can’t believe she’ll be 1 year old next month 😢 
 Oh and I’m happy I can fit into that same dress and look even better in it now 💁👗 lol
My girls 💕💖💞

So we didn’t go to church this morning because of Fallon’s chicken pox. I didn’t want to expose the whole congregation to the chicken pox so we just stayed home. I don’t think it’s contagious anymore because they’re all scabbed over but it’s not very pretty to look at and I know people would ask questions and I didn’t want to have to explain, she has chicken pox but don’t worry it’s not contagious.
Anyways, the girls and I got dressed up all cute so I hope they will cooperate for for a few pictures

I’m trying to take a picture of Fallon’s high chair banner that I made for her birthday and Calli jumps in front of the camera and tells me to take a picture of her. Lol. She can be so cute at times 😊
Fallon stole Calli’s apple and is sitting on the side of the couch eating it. #sneakybaby #sisters #fndunbar
Truth 👆
Good morning ☀️ work for me, daycare for Calli and her baby. #fridayeve
I don’t think it’s measles because she doesn’t have any other symptoms. 

No she hasn’t had the vaccine yet! They’re not supposed to get it until 12 months then 4years

When is enough enough. I’m on this crazy roller coaster ride and I just want to get off. It’s fun at first, then it just makes you sick. I need to get off of this ride.

Why do people lie. More specifically my husband. It’s really hard to trust a person that lies. And a track record like his doesn’t make it any easier

Date nite :)
Calli is so awesome!
She’s 2 and a half years old. Already! She is getting sooo smart and seriously learns so much everyday. It’s amazing that I can sit with her and have a real conversation! I mean as much of a conversation as your going to get with a 2 year. She’s knows the lyrics to so many songs that come on the radio in the car and loves to sing along. She dances whenever she hears music and I’m going to look into putting her into dance classes and tumbling. She loves going to daycare and playing with her friends. She’s still the pickiest eater in the world and refuses all vegetables. She’s still as stubborn as can be so disciplining is a challenge. She is completely potty trained during the day so now we are going to start working on night time and naps. She loves to play dress up and wear all of her princess dresses. She loves playing outside and getting dirty, completely filthy. At times she can have so much sass and attitude, I swear I’m dealing with a twonager. She has become horrible at bedtime and naptime and usually ends up sneaking into my bed sometime during the night. She can be so sweet at times but is definitely a ditties diva all of the time!
Fallon is so amazing!
 She’s 10 and a half months old and is pretty much has the walking thing down. She LOVES eating and will try anything we put in front of her. Still breastfeeding! :) she loves playing with her sissy, sissy doesn’t always like playing with her lol. She’s has finally started talking! Her favorite word is dada. She loves waving hi and giving hi fives. She’s an overall happy baby and only cranky when she is tired. She loves playing patty cake. She’s an excellent sleeper and napper. She has 6 teeth! 
Fallon is so beautiful and always a smiley giggling baby.