its kinda a funny story

i think im only about 5weeks along.
i took at test on thursday because every time i go to the 99cents store i can’t resist the urge to buy a pregnancy test. i got home and i was sort of in a hurry and busy with calli and i took the test. it was taking a little bit longer than usual to show up but i saw the very clear 1 line for not pregnant so i just threw it in the trash. the next day at work i talked to 2 different co-workers about babies and having babies, then i talked with soprissy here on tumblr and she asked me about how trying for baby #2 was going. i told her it hadn’t happened yet. after i sent her that message i realized that my period was a week late, i just had a weird feeling so i went in the bathroom dug through the trash and pulled out the pregnancy test from the previous day. 2 pink lines!! it was positive!!

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    Throw back Thursday! I totally remember this day :)
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  5. mylittleminiatures said: not trying to be a downer but have you taken another to make sure? all the tests i’ve used say not to take any change into consideration after 10 minutes.